JZ — Editorial Graphics for The Dissolve

A selection of editorial graphics created for a wide variety of features on The Dissolve.


Select editorial graphics for The Dissolve

Creative & Art Direction — Visual Design


Christian Bale, shape-shifter, an Exposition feature written by Carrie Rickey for The Dissolve.


The cold, hard stats of vampire comedies
by Rachel Handler, Keith Phipps, Genevieve Koski, Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, and Scott Tobias


Summer Movie Previews for May, June, July, and August 2014 by multiple staff writers for The Dissolve


Film Preservation 2.0 by Matthew Dessem


The 30 Best American Independent Horror Films by multiple staff writers for The Dissolve

Branding and editorial graphics created for The Dissolve's live chat during the 2014 Oscars Ceremony


"There are few more powerful combinations than when just the right song meets just the right scene. To put all our favorites in one place, The Dissolve compiled 50 remarkable combinations of pop music (broadly defined) and moviemaking." by The Dissolve staff


The Gag Man by Matthew Dessem